Brand Story

Imparator Furniture started its production life as a story that the dream that started in a workshop in 1981 will reach far beyond the borders. The brand, which believes that it will reach its current position from the very first day; continued to strengthen its position in the sector with an understanding of production beyond the line of the period. In 1997, İmparator Furniture, combining assertive designs and functional frequency; As a complement to the luxury offered in comfort, it has provided permanence in the sector. Also, it has a perfect production line by combining its workshop history with the technologies of the age. By presenting its elegant and luxurious designs to its guests all over the world with the experience and mastery gained over the years; successfully represented the name of "Turkey's Furniture" in the world.

About Us

With its experience and craftsmanship since 1993, İmparator Furniture is in a positioning that makes a difference in its sector. İmparator Furniture, which carries the furniture of Turkey to many points of Turkey and the world with its personalized designs and mastery in wood art; It has turned into a right address for solution partners with its production philosophy that it has developed eclectically together with its workshop history. İmparator Furniture, which is a reliable brand with its ethical trade understanding; responds to the needs of its guests and cares about their quality of life. It continues to serve for more than 20 years. İmparator Furniture, which reflects its own design and aesthetic understanding to its project-oriented works; It channels its professionalism into life in many areas from living spaces to hotels and restaurants.


We are based on transforming our brand journey, which we have been continuing for more than 20 years, into a world brand by strengthening it with the right studies. Being the pioneer of an original and distinctive design approach in our projects, and maintaining an environmentally friendly approach throughout our entire process without compromising our production quality, reflects the main pillars of our vision and values. With this vision, a controlled and sustainable growth will ensure that İmparator Furniture remains a strong and valuable legacy for future generations.


To increase the satisfaction of each of our guests with our unique and personalized designs in living spaces, by correctly understanding their character, taste and aesthetic understanding and processing them skillfully. Ensuring a reliable union of forces with this satisfaction forms the cornerstone of the values that İmparator Furniture prioritizes. İmparator Furniture works to offer trust, quality and luxury designs to all its business partners working with it, from design understanding to R&D studies, from after-sales service to installation and assembly.